Brief Introduction

Choho, the technical leader of chain system, the global manufacturer of high-quality silent chain, the national technology innovation demonstration enterprise, the national recognized enterprise technology center, and the national high-tech enterprise.The self-owned brand "CHOHO" is "China famous trademark".The core products of the company's engine chain system factory are engine chain system, timing chain and oil pump chain, among which the silent chain has reached the international first-class level and broken the international monopoly.
In 2020, Choho already had more than 1,600 dealers worldwide.In the field of automobile engine, we have provided original supporting equipment for more than ten main engine manufacturers such as Honda,Geely, Byd, Jiangling ford, Jiangxi isuzu, etc., and successfully entered the procurement system of Honda motor.
The company takes the development and manufacturing of automobile chain system as the strategic focus, and cooperates with Jilin university to establish the industry-leading Qingdao automobile chain technology development center of chain transmission research institute of Jilin university.Under the auspices of many doctoral supervisors, the company has the leading system development ability in China, and can fully participate in the development and design of automotive engine chain drive system.
"With the world's leading technology, the service of global customers", and the company is willing to join hands with global resources, for a better world tomorrow to contribute their due strength!