Corporate Culture

Core Value:


King Ship Culture-----Take duty sincerely, quicken action seriously

Company Vision:
Let’s realize your dream together-----Become the best chain system company in the world

Choho’s Mission:
Transfer power and bearing trust

Choho’s spirit:
King chain spirit-----Fast reaction, win by quick action


Operation Theory:
Excellent quality chain connecting the world
Development chain----Development as commander
Brand chain------------Brand as banner
Market chain-----------Market as battlefield
Customer chain--------Customer as alliance
Quality chain-----------Quality as back

Management theory-----Step by step

1. Organization management chain----- Organization management process-oriented
2. Human resources chain----------Manpower management humane
Outlook on talents:To do one thing well is the talent
3. Benefit and value chain------Maximize the benefit and value
Choho’s outlook on benefit and value:Minimize the cost, maximize the benefit
4. Manufacturing management------Meticulous manufacturing management
Choho’s manufacturing management:Precise assessment, precise positioning, fine operation, sincere collaboration

Choho’s team spirit--------Hearts together are real team